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F.P. Journe Octa Lune : description and impressions.

A poetical complication in a classic yet efficient watch.

F.P. Journe Octa Lune : description and impressions.

F.P. Journe is undeniably one of the greatest contemporary watchmakers. He is certainly the most recognized by his peers and for his influence on the watch market. Even if its models don’t speak to everyone, it is difficult to remain insensitive to them.

At ISW, we always loved this brand, from early 38mm models with brass movement until actual models. Journe always had this special design and language, highly recognizable, that makes his watches so special. Wearing a few of them is a privilege and we would like to share with you our first impressions.

The Octa collection

F.P. Journe Lune F.P. Journe Lune
F.P. Journe Calibre Octa F.P. Journe Calibre Octa
F.P. Journe Calibre OctaF.P. Journe Calibre Octa

The Octa collection was created with a "simple" idea in mind : to give the best possible degree of precision and autonomy on a wristwatch.

The Octa caliber 1300 was introduced in 2001 and was the first automatic wristwatch caliber with a power reserve sufficient to ensure precision timekeeping for over 120h or five days (effective power reserve of 160h). Since then, it has undergone only three evolutions and François-Paul Journe said that this caliber “is an accomplished movement that requires no further modification due to its almost unreal performance.” Easy.

Thanks to that, its has been used in several models : octa chronographe, octa calendrier, octa lune, octa zodiaque, octa jour/nuit, octa divine, octa UTC, octa réserve de marche…

The Octa Lune

F.P. Journe Lune F.P. Journe Lune
Cadran F.P. Journe Lune Cadran F.P. Journe Lune
Cadran F.P. Journe LuneCadran F.P. Journe Lune

Let’s focus on our model, the Octa Lune. Introduced in 2003, this model was available in platinum and rose gold in 38 or 40mm. It displays the now famous subdial at 3 o’clock with printed numerals, a power reserve on the left, a horizontal aperture for the moonphase just below and a large date on top, just as the brand name and motto written in a circle from 10 to 1 o’clock.

F.P. Journe Octa Lune - 1ère génération | F.P. JourneF.P. Journe Octa Lune - 1ère génération | F.P. Journe
F.P. Journe Lune - 2ème génération | F.P. JourneF.P. Journe Lune - 2ème génération | F.P. Journe

This specific model was discontinued in 2015, to be replaced by the new Lune, enhancing the readability with a sleeker dial.

  • The date aperture is now larger
  • Hour numerals appeared applied but in fact, surfaced, thanks to a diamond tool
  • Minutes numerals have been reduced enhance the whole dial readability
  • Moonphase has been slightly turned on the left
  • Brand name and motto moved at the bottom

_Small adjustments made the difference. _

On the wrist

F.P. Journe LuneF.P. Journe Lune
F.P. Journe Lune | ISWF.P. Journe Lune | ISW
F.P. Journe Lune F.P. Journe Lune

With a 10.8mm thickness, our 40mm Lune sits very well on the wrist. As usual with Journe cases, the watch appears very slim, well proportioned and very comfortable.

There is one thing I noticed after wearing it a few days : due to the new process of making the dial with surfaced numerals, is that the number 5 and 7, partly present with the old Octa Lune, have now disappeared. Instead, FP Journe added decimals in the small second sundial which makes a bit harder to read time between 4 and 8.

Regarding the strap, even if Journe straps are excellent and very soft, the classic alligator one is a bit too old for my taste. So we changed it for a new one with cordovan leather and cream stitchings to modernize it.

It is now available in our showroom in Geneva, viewings can be arranged by appointment. Feel free to contact us for any details !


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