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MB&F : Focus on reference LM101

MB&F, standing for "Maximilian Büsser & Friends," is an independent watchmaking brand founded in 2005 by Maximilian Büsser.

MB&F : Focus on reference LM101

While all the watches are inspired by science fiction, aviation, animals, or supercars, they each stand out for their avant-garde design, futuristic shapes, and innovative use of materials.

Two collections exist: Horological Machine and Legacy Machine.

The first, "Horological Machine," is defined as "contemporary machines inspired by our childhood," drawing directly from space platforms, animals, animated television series, and so on.

As for the second, the "Legacy Machines" represent "Machines that MB&F would have created 100 years ago," combining more conventional and traditional watchmaking with contemporary engineering and innovation.

Reference LM101

La montre de faceLa montre de face
Le calibre de la LM101Le calibre de la LM101

All watches in the Legacy Machine collection feature the famous suspended balance wheel, a distinctive characteristic of the brand. Launched in 2014, the LM101 is no exception to this rule and pushes watchmaking boundaries even further with its movement, the very first developed by MB&F in collaboration with renowned watchmaker Kari Voutilainen, who is responsible for its aesthetics and finishes.

This model features a 40mm case and displays the time at 2 o'clock and the power reserve at 6 o'clock. The escapement is visible between the bridges that support the "flying" balance wheel, captivating the eye with each oscillation. In 2021, the LM101 evolved, with the introduction of steel, a material seldom used at MB&F, along with some aesthetic modifications and a double-hairspring balance supplied by H. Moser & Cie.

LM101 On the wrist

MB&F LM101 on the wrist
MB&F LM101 on the wrist

Most MB&F cases from the Legacy Machine collection are 44mm in diameter and are too large for my 17.5cm (6.9 in) wrist. But this LM101 is perfect with its 40mm size. This relatively "simple" model only has the time and power reserve, which makes for a rather open dial and leaves room for the incredibly captivating suspended balance wheel. As usual, the color of the dial is fantastic, with true nuances depending on brightness and angle.

Having had the chance to wear it for several days, this model catches everyone's eye as they try to understand what is happening inside. The only downside is the folding clasp, I don't like these clasps (the same as RM or Chanel) mounted on a spring that are too long and not practical. But that's just a detail in the end.

Whether you like the brand or not, it's undeniably a watch that does not leave one indifferent. The dial and its elements capture all the light, making it a truly remarkable model!

The technical specs of LM101
L'équilibre parfait du balancier sur le cadranL'équilibre parfait du balancier sur le cadran
Le boîtier de 40mmLe boîtier de 40mm
Le mouvement développé en partenariat avec Kari VoutilainenLe mouvement développé en partenariat avec Kari Voutilainen


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