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Jul 12 • 16:39

Vintage watches at 41Watch Geneva

Why do vintage watches have a special place?

Vintage watches at 41Watch Geneva

Vintage charm

Those who know me know that I particularly like vintage watches. Thinner, less visible cases, smaller diameters, special patinas, a different warmth - these are the things I like about these watches. And I've always felt a slight lack of vintage watches in our showroom in Geneva compared to the one in Paris.



But knowing vintage watches is not a matter to be taken lightly, and generally speaking there are no good experts, only old experts, if I can put it that way! In fact, vintage expertise requires in-depth knowledge that can only be acquired over time if you want to make your mark and build up your knowledge. You need to see as many pieces as possible, in every possible condition, to observe, analyse, feel and compare them. Even if some people start earlier than others, because of their passion or family heritage, it's still a question of time, which is necessary for learning.


While expertise is essential, independence is just as important if you don't want to be both judge and party when it comes to selling a vintage watch. "Buy the seller" is a phrase we hear quite often. Beyond the piece itself, the person behind the expertise is even more important. What is his knowledge, how does he appraise a watch, does he have a particular interest in selling it to you? These are all legitimate questions, and unfortunately the brands themselves are not very helpful, either through disinterest or incompetence.

Vintage watches at 41Watch Geneva

At 41Watch Geneva

With these principles in mind, 41Watch Paris has, from the outset, called on Fabrice Guéroux, a recognised independent expert with over 20 year's experience of collectors' watches. It was therefore only natural, since our merger with 41Watch at the end of 2023, that we should work together in the same way to benefit from Fabrice independent expertise.

Each watch appraised by Fabrice Guéroux is sold with an identity sheet outlining its specific characteristics.

It is on the basis of this expertise, which specifies the type of dial, hands, case, bracelet, movement, etc., that we present the watches to you. For exceptional and particularly sensitive timepieces, this information sheet becomes a veritable notebook containing all the above information, plus the history of the model, detailed photos and advice on the watch's potential.

Thanks to this technical and impartial expertise, which enables us to lay a sound and clear foundation for the various elements of the watch, we can then offer our market point of view and its evolution, we can discuss the potential that the piece represents, and discuss the various possibilities open to the collector for acquiring the watch.

Of course, there is always room for debate about the originality or integrity of a piece, and Fabrice Guéroux is always available to discuss and answer collectors' questions.

So we're going to continue to offer you collectibles watches that we love, from complication models to independent watchmakers, with an expanded catalogue of older pieces, much to my delight - and yours, I hope!

See you soon, Arthur


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